Gothic half twist heart-shaped nose ring

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Gothic half twist heart-shaped nose ring

Material:stainless steel

Puncture tips


A. Clean puncture equipment. Puncture equipment must be strictly sterilized and the needle can only be used once to ensure safety.


B. The early wound after puncture is red, swollen and painful, and there may be a small amount of bloody secretions.Disinfect 1-2 times a day, clean the secretions around the orifice, and clean the exposed part of the ornaments


C. Keep the wound surface dry and clean after puncture to avoid contact with sewage during bath.


D. When perforating, please choose a simple ring. After the perforation wound heals, you can replace your favorite ornaments.


E. Avoid spicy food within the next three days, tongue piercing people three to five days into liquid food.


F. The selected jewelry materials need to be non-toxic and not easy to cause allergies, compared with gold and silver jewelry.


G. after the perforation is healed, it still needs to be cleaned regularly. The skin in the fistula has the same metabolism as normal skin, producing exfoliated dander, which will accumulate and cause odor and even reinfection after being decomposed by bacteria.The decorations can be removed to clean the decorations through the portion of the fistula, which can also be removed if the fistula is large enough.


H. if you do not wear jewelry for a long time, the fistula tends to shrink or even become blocked. If you plan to wear jewelry in the future, you can wear jewelry regularly for expansion, or wear a transparent ear stick for continuous support.If you decide to no longer wear accessories, after taking off can no longer pay attention to, generally after a few months or even more time, perforation will eventually heal the small area of scar may be left.


All metal adorn article is in outer layer aureate, on the one hand make adorn article look more yi yi is unadorned brightness, on the one hand also make adorn article have stronger fight oxidation sex, fade not easily.Act the role of article and dress are same, after wearing, can have wear and tear, do not have fadeless absolutely, need to pay attention to maintain.


This kind of jewelry does not need to use very expensive maintenance water for maintenance, as long as to avoid acid and alkali and moist environment.Wet environment includes: take a shower, wash a face when not wearing, do not wear when sweating a lot, before storage application dry cloth;1 desiccant should be placed in the jewelry box;When the imitation jewelry is not worn, it should be put into the jewelry box or the original package card and bag.

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