Goth Music Genere Features

Gothic rock stood out due to its more dark sound, with minor or bass chords, reverbs, dark arrangements or dramatic and melancholic melodies, having inspirations in gothic literature allied with themes such as sadness, existentialism, nihilism, dark romanticism, tragedy, melancholy and morbidity.


The Goth subculture of the 1980s drew inspiration from a variety of sources. Some of them were modern or contemporary, others were centuries-old or ancient. Michael Bibby and Lauren M. E. Goodlad liken the subculture to a bricolage.[27] Among the music subcultures that influenced it were PunkNew wave, and Glam.[27] But it also drew inspiration from B moviesGothic literaturehorror filmsvampire cults and traditional mythology. Among the mythologies that proved influential in Goth were Celtic mythologyChristian mythologyEgyptian mythology, and various traditions of Paganism.[27]

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